Geoff McBride

Favourite Thing: I’m studying part time for my PhD I am investigating how people solve problems to create a computer system that would help them make better decisions.



Douay Martyrs School, The Littlehampton School


University of Southampton, Cranfield University

Work History:

Shop work, British Army, British Red Cross


The Science and Technology Facilities Council

Current Job:

I look for solutions to Global Challenges

Me and my work

I investigate how UK Science can solve Global Challenges such as the Energy Crisis, Environment, Healthcare, and Security.

I am responsible for analysing the big picture in relation to the “Solutions to Global Challenges” theme within the STFC strategy.  I lead Horizon Scanning for the Futures Programme looking to the future of UK Science.  As a multi-disciplinary scientist I have worked on many projects including Europe’s first mission to the Moon SMART-1. Other projects include researching and developing technologies for devices such as Nano-thrusters for Spacecraft, Micro Gyroscopes and Micro Liver structures, X-ray collimators to name a few.  I continue my research through a part time PhD with Shrivenham Cranfield University in mathematical modelling of complex decision making and design. 

My Typical Day

Discussing with other scientists on how to solve problems.

Our team is looking at how our Scientists and their work can solve big problems such as the Energy crisis, Climate Change, healthcare, and National Security.  I meet with scientists all over the UK to bring ideas together to form projects.  Recently we are bringing particle physists together with cancer specialists to look at new ways of curing cancers. 

What I'd do with the money

Pay for someone to build some metal models of spacecraft [any volunteers?] for my school talks maybe unless I am weak and buy more HEXBUGS.


I visit schools to talk about space, nanotechnology and careers in science.  In one of my talks I build a massive model of the Solar System with inflatable planets.  I’d like to have some models of spacecraft that have travelled to the planets. If they were made of metal they’d last longer.   

The other thing I do with schools is the Biomimetics Project.  I designed this project for students to look at structures in nature such as insects and plants and then look at designing technology from what they have learnt so to mimic nature.  I found a toy called HEXBUG I bought some pretending they are for my children but I must say they are fascinating they literally act like insects so I may take the money and buy loads more. That and maybe a rocket. 

My Interview

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Unstoppable, infinitely, curious

Who is your favourite singer or band?


What is the most fun thing you've done?

I used to be a helicopter pilot in the Army

If you had 3 wishes for yourself what would they be? - be honest!

Immortality, an infinite controllable memory, to go to another planet

What did you want to be after you left school?

A pilot

Were you ever in trouble in at school?

Often for making everyone laugh

What's the best thing you've done as a scientist?

I created some nano technology for the SMART-1 Spacecraft that went to the Moon

Tell us a joke.

A man walks into a bar and shouts ARRGGGHHH…………………………………………….It was an iron bar.