• Question: What is the most efficient colour to paint a bus?

    Asked by freddie to Adam, Rob, Sheila, Suzie on 24 Mar 2011 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Suzie Sheehy

      Suzie Sheehy answered on 23 Mar 2011:

      The most efficient? I’ve no idea! But i’m going to say red because red things go faster 🙂

    • Photo: Adam Tuff

      Adam Tuff answered on 23 Mar 2011:

      Interesting! I’d have maybe said a light colour – especially in hot countries, as it would reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the chasis, and reduce costs of ir conditioning. Perhaps a darker colour for colder countries to keep heat in.

    • Photo: Robert Simpson

      Robert Simpson answered on 23 Mar 2011:

      Do you want to keep it warm or cool?

    • Photo: Sheila Kanani

      Sheila Kanani answered on 24 Mar 2011:

      Red (I’m obviously a Londoner!).