Suzie Sheehy

Photo: Suzie

Me and my Work: I design machines called particle accelerators which I hope will make the world a better place.

Status: well it's all over for me. Good luck Sheila & Adam!

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Sheila Kanani

Photo: Sheila

Me and my Work: Trying to find out more about The Lord of the Rings, aka Saturn, and its rings and its moons, using the Cassini spacecraft.

Status: well done Adam! Gutted all the winners are boys though! :)

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Robert Simpson

Photo: Rob

Me and my Work: As a web developer, I create websites that allow people to help researchers do science. As a researcher, I use the results of those websites to understand how stars and planets form in the Universe.

Status: Have been updating my blog like a mad thing.

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Geoff McBride

Photo: Geoff

Me and my Work: I investigate how UK Science can solve Global Challenges such as the Energy Crisis, Environment, Healthcare, and Security.

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Adam Tuff

Photo: Adam

Me and my Work: I look at the reactions that occur inside stars to try and understand why they produce light, and why our Universe looks like it does today.

Status: I can't believe I won! Thank you everyone for all your questions, conversations and votes - I have loved every minute! Thanks to all the other scientists involved too - our zone has been awesome!

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